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What exactly is Pass A Hug? It’s a brand new project with a very simple goal: To spread a little extra happiness, one hug at a time!

While we love real hugs, sometimes it isn’t possible to give ‘em; that’s where Pass A Hug comes in!

We have physical items we call HUGS that you can PASS by gifting them, giving them, mailing them, or any other way you can come up with to PASS them!

Our first batch of hugs take the form of a postcard. These postcards are aptly named Social Distancing Hugs (SD1/01).

Want to pass some SD1/01 hugs? Epic! It’s simple and can be done in two ways:

1. You can REQUEST that we pass a hug to someone on your behalf, with a personalized message, through the mail. It’s FREE and as easy as filling out a tiny form on our website.

2. You can PURCHASE hugs, that we’ll send directly to you, so that you can pass them yourself. The number of people that you can pass hugs to, and the ways you can pass them, are seemingly endless!

Click here to REQUEST hugs and click here to or PURCHASE hugs.

Thanks for following us, liking our posts, and tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments. Feel free to message us if you just need someone to talk to too.

We look forward to fulfilling your hug requests and shipping your purchased hugs! Each and every hug helps us with our goal of spreading a little extra happiness, one hug at a time.

Onward. [hug],

— Ian Sheddan, Creator & Chief Hugger

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Pass A Hug is a project that’s been an idea in the head of its creator, Ian Sheddan, for over a decade. It officially launched on April 8, 2020 with the first batch of hugs finally being passed on May 18, 2020. At its core, the overarching goal of Pass A Hug is to spread a little extra happiness, one hug at a time!


Launching this project out into the world has been a long time coming. It's hard to pinpoint exactly how long of a time it's been because I'm not entirely sure when the original seed for the project was planted in my head. However, after combing through old emails and tweets, late December 2009 is the general date I've settled on.

The first time I talked about the project publicly, albeit vaguely, was in a tweet on January 26, 2011. Over a year later, on October 10, 2012, I came up with an official name for the project and immediately registered the domain name for it. To this day, it still blows my mind that wasn't taken.

My vague tweets about Pass A Hug continued over the last decade. In the early hours of April 29, 2014, I said I should stop stalling and try to start it. I wasn't able to start it. At the beginning of 2017, I made it a goal for the new year to get something off the ground. I got nothing off the ground. In April of the same year, I retweeted my three-year-old 2014 tweet and told myself to get it together. It took another three years to actually get something together.

Privately, I did let a few people in on specific parts of Pass A Hug though I rarely, if ever, mentioned the project by name. A close friend from a previous chapter of my life was supportive when the idea first came to mind. Various colleagues, classmates, and friends both past and present have heard me mention "a personal project I've been thinking about for years." Many of them were encouraging even if they weren't exactly sure what I was talking about. I've shared the most details about Pass A Hug with my fiancé, Dan. He definitely played a huge part in helping me get this project launched as his endless patience and unwavering support continues to mean the world to me.


I care a lot about Pass A Hug. Sure, the idea behind it is simple, but I've put a lot of thought into it and really wanted to get it right. Factor into that that I'm a textbook perfectionist and I had a recipe for delay after delay, year after year. For me, getting it right meant I needed the right amount of time, the right budget, and to be in the right headspace. Truthfully, for better or worse, these three components never really lined up until early 2020.

In mid-February 2020, I was unexpectedly and unprofessionally fired from a job I loved. Then COVID-19 hit my area in early March 2020 and the job market practically disappeared overnight. This left me with a lot of unexpected extra time on my hands and some unexpected money in my pocket that I would have otherwise spent on gas and my daily Starbucks. This also left me feeling more anxious and down on myself than usual. While that type of headspace may not have seemed ideal to start a new project, strangely enough, it was for me.

I've tackled a number of "personal projects" in my life. Each of them have truly helped keep me going through some of my darker times. Early 2020 has felt like one of the darkest of dark times, so launching the personal project that has occupied my mind the most felt necessary. I had the right amount of time, the right budget, and was in the right headspace, so it felt like the right time to launch Pass A Hug.

Pass A Hug officially launched on April 8, 2020 with the first batch of hugs being passed on May 18, 2020. It feels equal parts incredible, nerve-racking, and surreal to finally get something out into the world. Maybe this is exactly what the universe had in mind for this project all along. After all, it feels like the world needs a little extra happiness now more than ever.


Even before it was officially named, Pass A Hug's goal of spreading a little extra happiness one hug at a time has never changed. What has changed over the years is what form the hugs would take.

The original idea of what the hugs would be is different than what they are today. The shift toward what Pass A Hug launched with in 2020 instead of my initial 2009 idea happened around 2016. Why the shift? Because I wanted more people to get more hugs! I still have plans to incorporate the original hug idea into future phases of the project, so I'll skip sharing any details for the time being.

At launch, hugs came in the form of a postcard. (Click here to find out more about Hug SD1/01, Pass A Hug's first batch of hugs!) Postcards were actually meant to be "Phase 2" of Pass A Hug's plan but became "Phase 1" due to COVID-19. The original "Phase 1" simply wouldn't have given Pass A Hug any change of succeeding while the world was turned upside-down. Assuming we're able to get somewhat closer to how things were pre-pandemic, the true "Phase 1" will absolutely see the light of day. It's closer to the initial, 2009 idea for this project and it's what's kept me excited about Pass A Hug after all these years.


I’ve always been a huge fan of life’s little moments. I’m talking about those unexpected times when something or someone helps bring a smile to your face. I’m thinking about when the person in front of you in the drive-through pays for your coffee or when someone surprises you with your favorite candy bar. Or when a friend texts you first, when you find a flower growing through a crack in a sidewalk, or when you bite into a perfect piece of fresh watermelon. I live for these moments.

No matter what form our hugs take or whether you’re passing or receiving one, it’s my hope that Pass A Hug can help create more little moments. We hope you'll join us in our journey and help us spread a little extra happiness, one hug at a time!

— Ian Sheddan, Creator & Chief Hugger

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While we've only just begun, below are a few questions we've been asked here at the beginning of our journey. Have a question not answered here? Send us an email!


This project officially launched on April 8, 2020 after being an idea in the head of its creator for over a decade. To learn more about Pass A Hug, please visit our About page.


Pass A Hug’s hugquarters is proudly located in Bethlehem, PA.


The goal of this project is to spread a little extra happiness, one hug at a time. It’s truly that simple.

Its purpose is fulfilled when someone smiles because they passed a hug. Its purpose is further fulfilled when someone receives a hug and they smile. Happiness takes many forms, but we live for those smiles!


First, thanks for wanting to support this project! It truly means a lot.

Currently, there are a number of ways you can support Pass A Hug. The quickest and easiest way is to follow us on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you post about Pass A Hug on any of these platforms, please be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #passahug!

If you have someone you’d like to pass a hug to, we’d love to pass one to them on your behalf. You can request a hug for free by clicking here. We’ll hand write your message and have it in the mail to them ASAP!

If you’d rather pass a hug to someone on your own, we’re currently selling six-packs of SD1/01 hugs. Each six-pack comes with two free stamps, with the option of adding more, so that you can pass your hugs while social distancing right away! Please click here to visit our shop. Buying a six-pack helps keep our Request A Hug feature free, so we sincerely appreciate your purchase!


Great question. Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer.

The account was suspended in mid-April while we were getting things sorted behind the scenes. Despite multiple attempts to contact Twitter and follow their appeal process to get the account reviewed, they have not responded. We’ve heard nothing from them.


The short series of letters and numbers found on the back of a hug is what we call a Hug Code. These are meant to more easily identify and classify different hugs as more are introduced. The first three characters represent the name/edition of the hug while the two numbers after the slash represent the hug’s print run.


Yes! Absolutely.

We’re doing our best to be as environmentally responsible as possible. This includes, but isn’t limited to, using recycled and sustainable materials when we can, limiting trips to the post office, and finding creative ways to repurpose and/or recycle materials we have on hand. (If you ordered a six-pack of our SD1/01 hugs pretty early on, you probably noticed one way we tried to repurpose some packing materials we had lying around hugquarters. While we love upcycling, we admit that that wasn’t one of our best ideas!) To help off-set our environmental impact further, we’ve made a donation to One Tree Planted. The donation was based on the number of SD1/01 hugs we had printed.

It’s tough to measure our overall environmental impact, but we’re firm believers in the fact that some action, no matter how small, is better than no action at all. We will continue to evaluate how we can do better and ask that you do as well.


Send us an email: We’d love to hear from you!

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Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pass A Hug’s first hug takes the form of a postcard. It’s aptly named the Social Distancing Hug (SD1/01). This hug officially launched on May 18, 2020 and is currently being passed.


My fiancé, Dan, and I bought our house two years ago. We love it even if we haven't been able to make changes to it as quickly as we've wanted to. One such change is adding shelving in our living room on the wall that's to the left of our corner fireplace and TV. No matter where you sit in the room, the blankness of the bare wall stares back at you. It's not that we don't have some pretty clear ideas for the wall, it's just that we haven't made them a reality yet. Months have passed and the space remains empty.

When I decided to commit myself to getting Pass A Hug off the ground, I knew early on that its first hug would take the form of a postcard. I then spent a lot of time sitting in my spot on our epic living room couch brainstorming exactly what the postcard would look like. Every time I would look up from my laptop, I found myself staring at the aforementioned empty wall as if it was going to reveal a fully realized postcard design to me. In a way, it did. The blank wall became a physical representation of this project's decade long journey toward becoming real. It's also meant to represent how each of us were asked to social distance and stay home to decrease the spread of COVID-19.


The photo of the wall was taken in early April 2020. I decided not to edit the picture because I wanted the wall to look as close to how it looks to us in the late afternoon light as possible. We're a bit obsessed with the shade of blue we painted our living room walls and love how the sunlight coming through our huge front window changes the color throughout the day. Any color correcting attempts I made to the picture took too much realism away. The border and text on the image were both handwritten by me.

The postcards are 4"x6" and were printed by a local shop on 14pt card stock. The fronts are coated and have an extra layer of UV coating to help with durability; the backs are uncoated so that they can more easily be addressed and personalized with a handwritten message. It's very on-brand for me to say this, but they didn't turnout exactly how I envisioned them even though I got exactly what I ordered. I'm learning as much as I can as I go and know that the next batch of hugs, no matter what form they take, will be closer to however I envision them.

Here's hoping these Social Distancing Hugs bring those receiving them a little extra happiness during these strange and unusual times!

— Ian Sheddan, Creator & Chief Hugger

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Now more than ever, we want to spread a little extra happiness one hug at a time! Currently, with an assist from the USPS, hugs are only being passed directly from Pass A Hug Hugquarters to recipients’ mailboxes. (Packs of our first edition of hugs will be available for purchase soon!)

We would love to send a Social Distancing Hug to someone in your life on your behalf. Want to surprise a loved one? Your best friend? Someone you’ve been chatting with online but can't go on a date with because you're social distancing? Let us pass a hug to them with a personal note from you! We'll handwrite your message, which we promise will look snazzy, and have it in the mail within 72 hours. Oh, and did we mention that it’s free?!

To request a hug, please fill out the form below. The form does include a spot for your email address which we'll only use in the event that we need to contact you about your request. Lastly, we ask that you please support the goal of this project with your message as we do not want to be in a position where we’d need to decline your request.

We're just getting started, so thanks for your early support!

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Success! We've received your hug request and will have your hug in the mail ASAP (typically within 36 hours, but never more than 72 hours). Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions.

If you haven't already, may we ask that you follow us on social media? We're on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Thanks for helping us spread a little extra happiness, one hug at a time!

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